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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sim Aquarium 3 Premium - Windows 3D ScreenSaver

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SimAquarium  realistic 3-D screensaver that recreates the beauty of the coral reef environment. As part of the screen saver of 5 different aquariums with corals, with large backgrounds and a wide variety of environments and coral. You can fill your tank up to 100 individuals of 30 highly detailed fish species with complex behavior and artificial intelligence. Using the mouse, you can play with your pet and touch the fish by the tail or nose. You can also feed the fish, but unlike the real fish, they float to the surface belly up if you do not feed them for a long time.
Sim AQUARIUM is a desktop screensaver that brings the underwater world on your desktop in a 3D environment. The program displays a virtual aquarium on your screen which reveals various fish species, plants and other coral reef details.
Once you have installed the application, it becomes accessible from the Windows screensaver menu, thus allowing you to set it as the default screensaver and change various settings.
It sports a clean and intuitive GUI that offers a few configuration settings to tinker with. The program’s settings can be configured directly from the primary pane by simply pressing a hotkey.
Sim AQUARIUM gives users the possibility to select between a wide range of fish species (e.g. black lip butterfly, doctor tang, angelfish, clownfish) and background themes.
Furthermore, you can enable the camera mode, select the water and bubbles speed, adjust the sun rays intensity, enable sound notifications (seashore waved and gulls, underwater
atmosphere, whale song, aquarium bubbles) and upload an audio file from your computer (MP3), specify the frame rate, and select the elements to be displayed (e.g. water surface, anemones, particles, fish shadows, sun rays).
During our testing we have noticed that Sim AQUARIUM provides excellent image quality, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It manages to remain light on the system resources, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.
All things considered, Sim AQUARIUM comes in handy for all users who are constantly looking for a desktop enhancement utility. It can be easily installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.
  • Four intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes.
  • Live desktop wallpaper mode.
  • Full interaction with the fish and their environment.
  • 30 highly detailed fish species with complex swimming behaviors and appearance.
  • Realistic anemone tentacles physics and fluid simulation.
  • Advanced graphic effects like fish iridescence, raytraced light caustics, complex water surface.
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