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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bins with patch

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If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way around Windows 7 and 8 taskbar limitations for pinning documents and apps, look no further than Bins. This app lets you create folderlike bins on your taskbar, keeping more of your favorite stuff immediately at hand.
Bins doesn’t require a complex configuration interface: It’s like making folders in your taskbar. Simply drag one taskbar icon and hold it on top of another icon. A bin instantly opens, and you can just drop your icon onto it, creating a group of two icons. The bin is then marked by a new icon showing miniature versions of both icons, so you know what’s inside. Bins even lets you tell at a glance which of the applications in a bin are running–the “mini-icons” for non-running applications are dimmed out.

When you hover your mouse over a bin’s icon, it opens the bin, revealing the applications and documents you’ve placed in it. Impressively, it plays nice with Windows 7′s Aero Peek feature: When you hover over one of the nested icons, its related window appears.

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