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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Unity 3D Pro 4.2.1 with Patch - Free Game Creating Software

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Create The Games You Love With Unity! The Current Product Cycle For The Unity Engine And Toolset Is Unity 4, And The Latest Release In The Unity 4 Cycle Is Unity 4.1.5 Unity Is A Game Development Ecosystem A Powerful Rendering Engine Fully Integrated With A Complete Set Of Intuitive Tools And Rapid Workflows To Create Interactive 3D Content; Easy Multiplatform Publishing; Thousands Of Quality, Ready-Made Assets In The Asset Store And A Knowledge-Sharing Community.
New Features Include Directx 11 Support And Mecanim Animation. Mobile Graphics Enhancements Include Real-Time Shadows, Skinned Mesh Instancing, The Ability To Use Normal Maps When Baking Lightmaps And A Refined Gpu Profiler. Furthermore, The Adobe Flash Deployment Add-On Has Also Been Released With Unity 4.0. While Deployment Has Been Possible For Those With The Unity 3.5 Compatible Beta Tool, The Final Release Of The Deployment Add-On Will Require Unity 4. Unity 4.2 Is Rumored To Feature Shadow Support For The Free Version. However, It Has Some Limitations Such As Restricted To Only One Directional Light And “Hard” Shadows.
Unity 4 Also Includes A New Deployment Option To Publish Games To The Desktop.  While The Deployment Add-On Can Potentially Work With Various Forms Of Linux, Development Is Primarily Focused On Ubuntu For Its Primary Release. This Deployment Option Will Be Provided To All Unity 4 Users At No Additional Cost. Engineers From Unity Work With Ubuntu In Canonical’S Team For Games. Since Version 4, Unity Is Working In Collaboration With Facebook To Launch An Improved Unity Experience On The Social Platformthrough Its Unity Web Player.
Key Features:
  • Profiler: Memory Profiler Makes It Posible To View A Snapshot Of Currently Loaded Game Objects And Assets, And Shows The Reason Why An Object Is In Memory. Memory Usage Of A Player Can Also Be Viewed By Connecting To The Player From The Editor.
  • Simple Vs. Complex View Type Dropdown Button In The Memory Area. Substance: Procedural Textures Are Now Supported At Runtime On Ios And Android (Arm V7A Only, Neon Needed For Optimal Performance).  
  • Mecanim: 2D Blend Nodes For Blend Trees. 2D Blend Nodes Are Like Regular Blend Nodes Except You Can Blend Based On Two Float Parameters Instead Of One. Supported 2D Blend Types Are Simple Directional, Freeform Directional, And Freeform Cartesian.  
  • Graphics: Custom Material Editors! A Shader Can Have Customeditor Keyword Which Points To An Editor Class That Derives From
  • Materialeditor. This Is Useful For Setting Per Material Shader Keywords From The Ui.  
  • Graphics: Per-Material Shader Keywords. You Can Now Set Shader Keywords On A Per Material Basis. This Allows For Less Work Maintaining Shaders And Turning On And Off Parts Of A Shader With Keywords. 
  • Ios: Full Multi-Screen Support (Airplay). Look For Added Display Class For An Array Of Connected Displays (Only Ios Is Properly Implemented Now – All Other Platforms Will Have Only One Display In There).  
  • Mac Os X Standalone: Added Game Center Support. 
       Fixes  : -
  • Android: Fixed an issue where a KeyNotFoundException was thrown when trying to deploy to the android emulator.
  • Android: Renamed exported .jar file from untiy-classes.jar to unity-classes.jar
  • Android: .meta files are now dropped before compilation of android libraries.
  • Android: Fixed for "Unable to find suitable jdk installation" on windows.
  • BlackBerry: Fixed issue where windows xp BlackBerry registration file path was not supported.
  • Fixed issue where windows xp BlackBerry registration file path was not supported.
  • Bugreporter: Fixed crash when submitting documentation bugs from OS X.
  • Documentation: Fixed that some editor classes were not showing up in the table of contents (Editor, EditorWindow).
  • Documentation: Monobehaviour page no longer has a dead link.
  • Documentation: "Inherited from ..." is showing for classes that inherit from other Unity classes.
  • Editor: Fixed editor crashing on older (SM2.0) GPUs.
  • Editor: Fixed that clicking cancel on the build progress bar would loose any unsaved work and would fail to load original scene.
  • Editor: Fixed memory leak occurring during Play/Stop and script compilation.
  • Editor: Fixed nested property drawers finding the wrong property drawer to use for rendering.
  • Editor: Asset store doesn't hang after downloading and importing assets.
  • Graphics: Fixed incorrect rendering order on meshes with multiple materials, introduced in Unity 4.2.
  • Graphics: Fixed multiple texture coordinate handling in immediate mode on OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • iOS: Fixed Input.compensateSensors not working with autorotation.
  • iOS: Fixed SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier returning udid on pre-iOS 7 devices that is different from the one returned in Unity 4.1.
  • iOS: Fixed status bar appearance on iOS 7.
  • iOS: Enforced proper screen mode and overscan compensation for AirPlay Displays.
  • iOS: Fixed PLCrashReporter name clash with Crittercism plugin.
  • iOS: Fixed crash when using SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier repeatedely.
  • Mecanim: Fixed culling crash bug happening in visibility callback.
  • Memory Profiler: Fixed freed textures in OpenGL showing up as a memory leak.
  • Mobile: Fixed Camera rendering to RenderTexture outside of normal rendering loop.
  • Mobile: Fixed possible OpenGL ES objects leaks when using several RenderTextures and destroying them.
  • Particles: Fixed editor crash when exiting playmode with particle system inspector showing.
  • Physics: Fixed incorrect collider/trigger exit messages being sent when paused.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed the leaked exceptions from sensors (typically happens when the system reports that a gyroscope exists but fails to set the properties) that break the rendering loop.
  • Windows Phone: Implemented Application.OpenURL.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed editor lock up when profiling and deploying new build at the same time.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed reloading of assets from bundles on fast resume.
  • Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps:
    • Fixed WWW class constructor - now it never throws exceptions.
    • Fixed crash on accessing WheelHit.collider after calling WheelCollider.GetGroundHit().
    • Arrays with dimension bigger than one won't be serialized. For ex., byte [,]
    • Unity splash screen will be shown if you have a basic license, this is not a splash screen shown by OS, it's the one shown by Unity engine.
  • Windows Store Apps: PlayerPrefs will correctly store huge strings.
  • OpenGL ES 3.0: Made various fixes and stability improvements.
  • OS X Web Player: Fixed crash when starting up the web player when an IME input mode is enabled. 
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