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Friday, 24 January 2014

Miray HDShredder 4.0.2 Professional Retail

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If you’re planning to sell your hard drive it is at all times absolute best to make positive that the data that is on it can’t be recovered, even if specialized instruments are used. HDShredder is a application that used to be designed to help the erasing process in order to wipe the information until it is beyond recovery.
The app has a easy interface and a easy structure, which method much less skilled customers must in finding it straightforward to deal with.
The software lets you make a selection if to erase an complete power or handiest a sure partition. As soon as you make a choice, you can go additional to outline the areas that you need to delete completely.
The volumes are displayed with whole measurement, as smartly as with their partitions and formatting. Further important points can be seen concerning the force, such as the controller, title, serial quantity, seller and firmware.
Relating to the wiping manner, the software gives a couple of choices: “Automated”, “Requirements” and “Person-outlined”. Whereas the first one doesn’t provide you any room to select, the 2nd one gives over a dozen totally different algorithms, such as the DOD 5200.28M, Gutmann, Pfitzner, Schneier and many others. The latter one lets you outline a deletion sample and the quantity of passes.
The backside line is that HDShredder is a helpful software that can come in at hand on a large number of events. Freshmen will have to to find the software simple to use, thanks to its total simplicity.
HDShredder – Secure Data Deletion
  • new: Deleting USB 3 hard disks and key drives
  • new: Works with Windows 8 and Server 2012
  • new: Automation via command line interface (CLI)
  • new: Supports UEFI-BIOS and GPT
  • new: Storing deletion report to network drives
  • Easy, fast, and secure drive deletion
  • Runs even without a working operating system
  • Reliable deletion of hard disks and other storage media
  • Protects business and personal data ultimately from illegitimate access
  • Erasing mass storage media > 2,000 GB (2 Terabytes)
  • Runs self-booting and on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Server 2003-2012
HDShredder deletes the contents of hard disks and other mass storage media reliably at the physical level. HDShredder can also be applied to individual partitions and the user can select to perform the deletion according to international security standards. HDShredder works independent of partition layout, file system and operating system. It also works with proprietary formats which otherwise would be inaccessible.
Freely selectable deletion patterns
HDShredder offers an editor for deletion patterns. It lets users freely define their own specific deletion patterns as well as entire deletion procedures with up to 398 runs.
Store the deletion report to USB media and NEW: on Windows network drives
HDShredder creates a detailed deletion report with any deletion from the Professional Edition on. This report can now be stored to USB keys and other USB media. In Windows the deletion report can also be stored on network drives.
Firewire and SATA-II device support
Deleting fast SATA-II media (internal and external via eSATA) as well as Firewire hard disks and memory cards using a Firewire card reader.
HDShredder on Windows (XP/Vista/7/Server)NEW: Windows 8 and Server 2012
access to special media & controllers (SCSI, SAS, RAID, Dynamic Volumes …)
use of familiar Windows drive letters
Each HDShredder software package now contains a Windows program (HDShredder/W) in addition to the self-booting program (HDShredder/S). With identical interfaces on both programs there is complete ease in switching between HDShredder/s and HDShredder/W.
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