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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 + Trial Reset(Fixed Working)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 combines a vast array of easy-to-use, rigorous web security technologies that protect you against all types of malware and Internet-based threats — including cybercriminals that try to steal your money or your identity. Kaspersky Lab brings you hassle-free security that has minimal impact on your computer’s performance. Your PC and all the precious files and data stored on it are kept safe by:
  • Anti-Malware Protection — for real-time defences against computer viruses and Internet threats
  • Internet Protection — to secure your data and your money when you’re banking, shopping or surfing online
  • Identity Protection — via Kaspersky’s Virtual Keyboard and Secure Keyboard technologies
  • Anti-Phishing Protection — to prevent cybercriminals from collecting your personal information
  • Advanced Parental Control — that helps keep children safe when they’re online
Download Links : -(Setup Only)
Trial Reset/Crack
 : Trial Reset : 
(How To Patch? Instructions)

1. Pause Kaspersky Protection [Taskbar > Right Click On Kaspersky Icon > Click Pause Protection]

 2. Disable Self-Defense [Setting > Additional > Self-Defence] - Unchecked


 3. Exit Kaspersky from Taskbar

 4. Run Kaspersky Trial Reset 2.1 (Admin).
5. Click the trial reset button below:


 6. When you see this screen [In Russian] click OK then this will restart the PC.

7. After Restart PC
If you are running KIS 2014 enter 91 Days OEM Activation Serial in Activation Code Box

Use The Key : 


If you are running KAV 2014 as there is no OEM Code therefore you need to use Activate Trial Version of the application Option that will give you 30 days see below;
8. Finally Enable the protection and Update virus definitions


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